Tauranga National Festival 2017 - UPDATE

After posting the news that Brilleaux would not be appearing at the National Tauranga festival in Easter after a run of at least 10 years, a massive debate took place on social media with our fans from all over the country voicing their disappointment and disapproval that their favourite act of the festival were to be omitted.

Tauranga Jazz Festival 2017

Brilleaux have had a good run appearing at the Tauranga festival for quite a number of years now, but unfortunately our run had to end, and this year Brilleaux will not be appearing at the festival.

Totara Street Review

The gig at Totara Street was a great success, although it almost did not go ahead due to low online ticket sales.
Tauranga is a fickle place to host events such as this, and at this time of year it is even harder to tempt people from their homes to attend such events.

POMS Day out 29 September - 2nd October


Brilleaux will be playing a set of driving British Rhythm and Blues at Brits at the Beach.

Brilleaux at Totara Street

Saturday 30th July 8.00 pm

Brilleaux have recently returned to New Zealand from their third overseas tour (UK and Italy), and play their first live show back home and wish to share with you why they have gained such a following overseas.

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