Latest UK Tour news

The final itinerary for our UK tour is still to be finalised but the latest news is that Brilleaux will be performing at the BLUES ON THE FARM festival in CHICHESTER.
The date most likely to be confirmed is Sunday 21st June, although another date (Thursday 18th) is under negotiation.

As soon as the final itinerary is confirmed I shall be posting it here, so keep your eyes on this page.

Tauranga Easter Jazz Festival 2015

Brilleaux have made an appearance at the Tauranga Easter Jazz Festival now for a number of years, and judging by the number of people who have contacted or spoken to me recently we have become quite an attraction there.

Tony Painting Band and Brilleaux at Drivers

In our effort to introduce the people of Tauranga to some of the outstanding artists in this country, Brilleaux have invited The Tony Painting band to join them for a show at our favourite Tauranga Venue.

Brilleaux UK Tour 2015

It is no secret that Brilleaux will be touring the UK for the second time in June 2015.

We were invited back by the promoters of the Isle of Wight festival we played at in 2013, to play at a different festival to be held in Torquay on the South Coast.
Our man in the UK Rob Vernon and I have been busy booking gigs for the rest of the time we are in the UK, and now have a number confirmed:

Riverhead Slide and Brilleaux at Mauao

Here is the next opportunity to catch Brilleaux locally in the Bay of Plenty area.
See link above.

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